Installing Windows 8.1 in Hyper-V

In this short blog post we will see how to install Windows 8.1 preview (Windows Blue) using Windows 8 Professional and Hyper-V.

To follow along with this blog post you need following things

First of all we need to enable Hyper-V feature in our system if it is not currently enabled. Running Windows 8 Professional you should have this service already running. In case it is not following are the steps to enable the Hyper-V Services.

Open Control Panel and select Programs

Control Panel

Click Turn Windows Features On or Off

Turn Windows Features

Select all the Hyper-V options as selected below.

Select Hyper-V Features

Let it run the installation and once finished, search for the Hyper-V Manager

Search Hyper-V Manager

Select the Hyper-V Manager as shown below.

Select Hyper-V Manager

Select the service running with your computer name and create a new Virutal Machine

Select Running Service

Next few screens will show the Wizard that takes you through step by step process of configuring different options of creating the Virtual Machine.

Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Select the downloaded ISO image of Windows 8.1 as an installation source, as described below.

Create Hyper-V Virtual Machine

At this point the basic configuration for your Virtual Machine is completed. Next we need to start the Hyper-V Virtual Machine and run through the actual Windows 8.1 Preview installation process.

Right click on the Hyper-V Virtual Machine and click Connect

Installing Windows 8.1

You will see the Hyper-V Virtual Machine as below. Click the power button and start the Virtual Machine.

Installing Windows 8.1

The next screen you will see is the installation screen for the Windows 8.1. Continue though the rest of the installation to complete the process.

Installing Windows 8.1